Lake Caburgua is a special place of about 14,000 acres located 23 km northeast of the town of Pucón.  It was formed in a glacial valley that was blocked by lava flows from the now extinct Volcanes de Caburgua.  Due to local geothermal activity, its waters are about 9º to 14° F warmer than those of other lakes in the region.  It has some beaches of white sands unique in the region.  The surrounding area is visually stunning with sylvan hills cradling the lake on all sides.
The road from Pucon is well paved and Caburgua is only about 20 minutes from town. The road ends at the southern end of the lake at the large Negra Beach. Here are expanses of sandy beach, a large boat ramp and many tourist businesses. There are restaurants, boat rentals, cabanas, and other businesses catering to the needs of beach goers, open only during the tourist season.
The area around Caburgua is home to many hot springs and natural wonders. Ojos del Caburgua (Eyes of Caburgua) are a set of three waterfalls fed by underground rivers from the lake 5 km away. While the river drainage from the lake may be dry at times, the falls never run dry. They fall into a pool of water known for its deep blue color. 
Huife hot springs and others are close to Caburgua. At Huife you can rent cabanas with their own inside tubs fed by hot spring water; there are also several large communal pools fed by the springs. All are next to a large river which fills the air with the sound of rushing waters. A large lodge and restaurant rounds out the services.   

Lake Caburgua may not have the crowds of Pucon, but it is a gem recognized by those in the know. Several eminent heads of Chilean government have holiday homes in the area.

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