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(One acre equals 0.4 hectares)

San Pedro (1.25 acres)
Lots in a Development Starting At :
10,000,000 CLP (approx. 17,933 USD)

                                       more on the "Gated Rural Development with Pastoral & Scenic Lots"

Pucon (1.25 acres)
Lots in a Development Starting At:
25,000,000 CLP (approx. 44,833 USD)

                                       more on the "Hillside Lots with Panoramic Lake Views"

Panguipulli (1.25 acres)
2 Bedroom, 1 Bath House
55,000,000 CLP (approx. 98,632 USD)

                                       more on the "Affordable Riverside Cabin with Guesthouse"

Villarrica (1.25 acres)
2 Bedroom Cabin, 3 Baths
60,000,000 CLP (approx. 107,598 USD)

                                       more on the "Cabin 15 Minutes to Town"

Caburgua (2.8 acres)
Lakefront Lots on Lago Tinquilco
60,000,000 CLP (approx. 107,598 USD)

                                       more on the "Shore of the Lake"

Corral (2.5 acres)
3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Ranch & Guest Cottage
79,500,000 CLP (approx. 142,568 USD)

                                       more on the "House with Guest Cottage by the Sea"

Panguipulli (10 acres)
5 Bedroom, 3 Bath House
225,000 USD

                                       more on the "Gentleman's Farm with Great Price"

Puerto Varas (3.7 acres)
4 Bedroom, 3 Loft House
130,000,000 CLP (approx. 233,129 USD)

                                       more on the "The Dalai Lama Stayed Here!"

Panguipulli (1.4 acres)
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath House
250,000 USD

                                       more on the "House by the Lake with Guest Cottage"

Pucon (119 acres)
250,000 USD

                                       more on the "Perfect Land for a Ski-in & Adventure Lodge"

Panguipulli (7.2 acres)
6 Bedroom, 3 Bath House
150,000,000 CLP (approx. 268,996 USD)

                                       more on the "Quiet Country Life with a Pool"

11.53 meter Sailing Yacht
299,000 USD
Please Inquire for Special Details

                                       more on the "Crossed the Atlantic & Sailed the Straits of Magellan"

Puesco (61.8 acres)
164,000,000 CLP (approx. 294,102 USD)
Accepting Offers

                                       more on the "Foothills of the Andes"

Panguipulli (26.5 acres)
3 Bedroom, 3 Bath
165,000,000 CLP (approx. 295,895 USD)

                                       more on the "Lodge House with Lake Views"

Panguipulli (37.5 acres)
Barn, Apartment
188,000,000 CLP (approx. 337,141 USD)
Financing Available

                                       more on the "Lovely Parcel with Views in a Gated Expat Community"

Lago Ranco (24.7 acres)
Main House and Cottages
198,000,000 CLP (approx. 355,074 USD)
Accepting Offers

                                       more on the "Beautiful Gardens & Stunning Vista"

Panguipulli (61 acres)
200,000,000 CLP (approx. 358,661 USD)
Accepting Offers

                                       more on the "Hilltop Pastureland & Distant Views"

Curanipe (6.2 acres)
Spa & Resort Cabins on the Ocean
230,000,000 CLP (approx. 412,460 USD)

                                       more on the "Curanipe Resort"

Villarrica (35.4 acres)
236,775,000 CLP (approx. 424,610 USD)

                                       more on the "Lovely Pastoral Views"

Villarrica (1.25 acres)
5 Bedroom House, 4 Baths
255,000,000 CLP (approx. 457,292 USD)
Accepting Offers

                                       more on the "Close to Town in a Gated Development"

Pucon (7.41 acres)
8 Bedroom House, 6 Baths
11,700 CLF (approx. 497,482 USD)

                                       more on the "Spanish Colonial with Bed & Breakfast Potential"

Pucon (1.25 acres)
4 Bedroom House with Maid's Quarters
13,000 CLF (approx. 552,758 USD)

                                       more on the "Advanced Central Heating System"

Panguipulli (38 acres)
5 Bedroom / 3 Bath House
650,000 USD

                                       more on the "Home with a View and River Frontage"

Panguipulli (50.6 acres)
680,000 USD

                                       more on the "Land Close to Town"

Villarrica (42 acres)
380,000,000 CLP (approx. 681,455 USD)

                                       more on the "For Spacious Skies"

Lican Ray (13.6 acres)
Resort with 2 Houses, 4 Cabins
16,500 CLF (approx. 701,578 USD)
Accepting Offers

                                       more on the "Private Resort in Lican Ray"

Pucon (3.33 acres)
7 Bedroom, 9 Bath House
390,000,000 CLP (approx. 699,388 USD)

                                       more on the "Spacious Two Wing Home with Business Potential"

Laitec Island (325 acres)
750,000 USD

                                       more on the "Beachfront & Blue Whale Feeding Grounds"

Puerto Varas (18.4 acres)
6 Bedroom, 7 Bath House
850,000 USD

                                       more on the "Beautiful Craftsman House"

Auto Tire Business
460,000,000 CLP (approx. 824,920 USD)

                                       more on the "Auto Tire Business"

Villarrica (54 acres)
Farm Land & Blueberry Production
885,000 USD

                                       more on the "Farmer John's Fields"

Panguipulli (154 acres)
Operating Blueberry Farm & Open Fields: Profit from Lot Sales as Farmsteads
26,200 CLF (approx. 1,114,020 USD)

                                       more on the "Great Farm to Develop an Owner's Association"

Rio Negro (14.8 acres)
Land with Water Rights
1,500,000 USD

                                       more on the "Land with Water Rights"

Villarrica (0.74 acres)
6 Bedroom House, 6 Baths
36,500 CLF (approx. 1,551,975 USD)

                                       more on the "Timber-Framed House on the Lake"

Chillan (3.2 acres)
Boutique Lodge w/ Restaurant & Spa in Ski Country
900,000,000 CLP (approx. 1,613,973 USD)

                                       more on the "Boutique Adventure Lodge"

Cisnes-Patagonia (5063 acres)
3 Cabins, Hydro, Barn, Staff House
7,900,000 USD

                                       more on the "Last Frontier"




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