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This site has been developed to assist those of you interested in learning more about Southern Chile as a place to live and invest in real estate.

Without the police corruption of many of its neighbors, Chile is the best country in Latin America socially, politically and economically. The country ranks (on multiple indexes) as the top performer in Latin America. A representative democratic republic it meets basic criteria to be considered a developed country based largely on GDP but with many sectors of the economy still developing. To its great credit in recent years it has placed solidly in the upper levels of the competing world ranks squeezing out many first world economies.

Chile retains the region's best investment profile and benefits from its membership in many free trade agreements. As a member of the OECD it is a country committed to the promotion of economic growth, prosperity and sustainable development.

The country welcomes imports, and is the world's leading producer of copper. Major exports are minerals, wood products, seafood, salmon, fruit and wine.

To date the banking system is sound, corruption is minimal, direct foreign investment is encouraged, real estate is easily purchased, property rights are well protected, contracts are secure and the legal system is transparent & becoming more efficient. Beyond that it has some of the most beautiful and majestic scenery in the world. There is a relatively small population of approximately 17 million mostly reserved yet friendly and amiable inhabitants.    

There are 3,000 miles of Pacific coastline, stunning mountains and lakes as well as a temperate rain forest and even a number of glaciers in the deep south. Besides promoting the entrancing vistas of the country with property photographs, this website has many practical reference articles and reports about the country. There is also a fairly comprehensive regional overview, briefly covering topics of interest such as the cost of living, topography, climate, transportation and population figures of centers within our area of the southern zone.

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Additionally there are maps and basic overviews of the charming towns within our reach as well as weather data and a growing page of videos about Chile. The posted videos are either informative or state produced tourism presentations highlighting the natural and scenic beauty of the landscape. This includes an link to a segment filmed by HGTV International showcasing one of the especially inviting rural communities located here in southern Chile.

The country cannot be everything for everyone, remember no place is perfect, so read everything here, do your own homework and visit to see if it's really for you. But if you find yourself as taken with the country as we were over ten years ago…then you might consider purchasing a piece of it for yourself…

Southern Chile Properties is a leading firm in our small corner of Chile. We are a boutique real estate brokerage representing quality investment, mid to upper-end & luxury homes, as well as vacation properties and farmland.

Our service area is based in the Lakes Region and extends throughout several of the top resort towns located in beautiful Southern Chile.