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No One Has Ever Crossed Antarctica Alone. Two Men Are Trying Right Now.

By Adam Skolnick

PUNTA ARENAS, Chile — A weather window opened on Halloween morning, the typical stiff winds and polar fog relenting, and the flight to Antarctica was cleared for takeoff.

For nearly a week, Colin O’Brady, a 33-year-old American adventure athlete, and British Army Captain Louis Rudd, 49, had been waiting in Punta Arenas, Chile, on the Strait of Magellan, near the shattered end of the South American continent.

In separate buildings blocks away from one another, they had been immersed in similar tasks: weighing and re-bagging their freeze-dried provisions and sorting through polar-grade gear.

Their stashes included sleeping bags good for conditions up to minus 40 Fahrenheit, portable solar panels, cross-country skis, hand-held satellite phones and modems, and a GPS tracker programmed with way points to lead them step by frozen step across the largest, highest, driest and by far the coldest continent on earth.

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Chile's Pinera Promises to Spur Investment with Tax Reform

REUTERS on August 21, 2018
By Felipe Iturriera

“E-commerce is gaining traction in Latin America after a slow start. Last month, an Amazon Web Services vice president met with Pinera to discuss Amazon investing in the country as part of a longer-term regional expansion plan.

Pinera, a billionaire second-term president, whose first term as president was marred by protests over rising inequality, in June detailed a $26 billion spending plan and called for unity as Chile continues its “vigorous march toward development.”

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Foreign Investment in Chile Surges Due to New Law: Government

REUTERS on July 11, 2018
By Antonio De la Jara

“Foreign direct investment in Chile hit $8.48 billion from January to April, its highest level since records began 15 years ago, thanks to a new law designed to attract investment, the government investment agency said on Wednesday.

InvestChile, an arm of the economics ministry, said foreign direct investment (FDI) increased by 655 percent over the same period last year, and it was 24.3 percent higher than the $6.41 billion that flowed into the Andean nation in all of 2017.

"The investment inflows from abroad are a clear sign of economic recuperation," said InvestChile in an emailed statement.

Chile's center-right President Sebastian Pinera, who took office in March, has set a target of increasing investment an average of 6 to 7 percent in the next four years and introduced a new law to cut red tape…”

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Lithium Mining in Chile: Exploring the World’s Highest-grade District

INVESTING NEWS on September 12th, 2018

This INNspired article is sponsored by Lithium Chile (TSXV:LITH,OTCQB:LTMCF). This article was written according to INN editorial standards to educate investors.

“Chile has dominated the copper industry for decades, supplying the world’s industrial economy with a critical material. The country’s vast lithium resources and pragmatic government policies are helping to ensure that the King of Copper can also reign supreme in this new emerging energy economy. Chile is working to develop and expand not only its lithium mining industry but its battery industry as well, presenting wide open opportunities for lithium companies in a market that until fairly recently has been hard to crack….”

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