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Our greetings to you from the Deep South,

“El Sur” as it is referred to in-county is a mix of lush green forests, snowy white mountain peaks, alpine lakes, grassy pampas, fjords and centuries old glaciers. Thinly settled in the countryside yet teaming with activity. It’s an international eco-tourist destination and retreat from the heat, stress and buzz of city life.

Chile the economic “puma”1,2,3 of Latin America is a politically stable emerging market country. Thus making it a really great place to consider buying your next holiday home, farm or get-a-way place.

Founding History

The business was founded in 2010 by Martin & Jeanette Schnall (a husband / wife) from the United States. He as a trained mechanical engineer and she with a background in business and property investment.

Together the couple began planning their move to the Chilean countryside in 2004 to become part of a growing community of citizens interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle in a fresh & beautiful area of the developing world.

Since they left behind their jobs to make the move the two needed to find the best way to re-invent themselves career wise. Thus began their foray into the real estate market and web development.

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Press Coverage

• Jeanette has appeared as a guest author several times in the “Four Flags Journal”. An internet based newsletter covering biographies, stories, news items and tips for people seeking to expatriate into South America.

• The co-business owners (Jeanette and Martin) were featured in issue #33 of the International Lifestyle Magazine. They went on to showcase their home listings throughout an additional 17 publications.

• The agency has been referred to as one of the "better brokers" of the area with many clients having provided testimonials of their positive experiences with the team.

• Southern Chile Properties was represented by Jeanette Schnall in 2013 during the Home Garden Television (HGTV) International filming of the segment “Back to Nature in Panguipulli”. The show aired September 16th of that year as episode 58 and went on to be listed in Season 1 of the Best of Latin America.

The story line by HGTV is that, “After living and working in urban Shanghai, China for two decades, Michelle is ready to get back to nature. On a whim, she packs her bags and moves to Panguipulli, Chile where she can start her own company and learn to farm.”

Photographs of Southern Chile

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Region of Ñuble - Chillán - Las Trancas - View of mountain range

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Region of Bío-Bío - View of the city of Concepción

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Region of Bío-Bío - View of the Bío-Bío River

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Region of Araucanía - Pucón - View from a home

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Region of Ríos (Rivers) - View of a river

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Region of Ríos (Rivers) - View of Lago Panguipulli

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Region of Los Lagos (Lakes) - View of Lago Ranco

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Region of Aysén - Coyhaique - View of a cordillera

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Region of Magallanes - View of Tierra del Fuego

High Resolution Images

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